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Bridging the Gap

Between Resources and Results


We deliver accountable, hands-on, project, interim and continuing strategic, financial, technology and human capital expertise to:


    • Support sales, marketing and operations initiatives

    • Drive timely delivery of relevant, accurate information

    • Lead and develop internal staff

    • Evaluate, develop, implement and manage critical processes, systems and controls

  • Planning & Analysis

    • Build business models, strategies and plans to achieve optimal deployment of resources

    • Organize and incentivize management and employees

    • Improve visibility and predictability of results

  • Mergers & Acquisitions

    • Understand and communicate business value

    • Prepare and assemble the information buyers and sellers require

    • Complete due diligence and clearly understand what you're buying or selling

    • Confirm LOI's and closing documents reflect the agreement you think you're entering into

    • Integrate management, employees, operations, systems and controls of acquired businesses

  • Treasury & Corporate Finance

    • Evaluate, develop, implement and manage financing, insurance and risk management strategies

    • Understand who you're dealing with and the terms of related agreements

  • Systems & Controls

    • Remediate late and over-budget projects

    • Evaluate, plan, develop and implement new projects

    • Provide post-implementation support

SFL3 LLC does not provide services requiring licensing by any government or regulatory body, except domicile state and county business licenses.​

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