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Bridging the Gap

Between Resources and Results

Client Impact

Here's what our clients have to say about us . . .

"Bud Little and SFL3 assisted Comstock for more than a year. During that time, Bud organized our accounting and financial reporting functions to more effectively address related SEC public company and U.S. GAAP requirements. Bud’s work ethic, professionalism, and ability to quickly understand, assess and communicate highly complex transactions are second to none. During his engagement, we completed five major investments and three acquisitions, all of which we’re accounted for, disclosed in our financial statements and SEC filings, and reviewed with our Board Audit Committee and auditors in a comprehensive, high quality and timely manner. I would highly recommend Bud and SFL3 to anyone looking for world class finance and accounting services."

Corrado De Gasperis, Executive Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Comstock Mining Inc. (

"I worked with Bud Little at Online Tech Stores from 2018-2020, where I was CEO and he was CFO. During that time, I was very impressed with Bud’s professionalism, broad experience set, and tireless work ethic. In spite of challenging market conditions, Bud remained focused on critical initiatives, including completing two acquisitions. He also substantially improved the company’s financial planning, analysis and reporting capabilities, and effectively supported Board, investor and lender requirements. I highly recommend Bud and SFL3 to anyone seeking high-quality strategic and financial services."

Greg Greenwell, CEO

Online Tech Stores

( ( (

"Bud Little and SFL3 have been assisting us with strategic and financial modeling of various scenarios for implementing a sophisticated investment strategy. They have also been able to reach out to colleagues with deep experience in our areas of interest. I am very pleased with the value they have added to our initiative, and would highly recommend Bud and SFL3 to anyone dealing with complex strategic and financial challenges."

Gilles Vliegen, Chairman

InArt Holding

"SFL3 has provided strategic, financial, and sales & marketing and operations support services to AM2T since 2013.  During that time, they vastly improved information, systems and controls required to optimize growth cycles and navigate more difficult times.  They also worked effectively with our tax professionals to save and recoup substantial amounts of taxes.  I highly recommend Bud Little and SFL3 to anyone requiring expertise to manage a business in transition."

Mic Meeks, Executive Director

Advanced Materials and Manufacturing Technologies (


"SFL3 and Bud Little assisted us with the limited review of a potential investment. Although on very short notice, they were able to muster the required legal, financial and operational expertise to deliver a thoughtful, relevant report to the Board of Directors on a timely basis. I would highly recommend Bud and SFL3 to anyone seeking similar services."

Kevin McLoughlin, CEO

Ringa Matau (

"Bud Little is highly charismatic, bright, dedicated and skilled. He displays excellent camaraderie with anyone he comes into contact with by relating to people in many ways and on many levels. SFL3 and Bud Little have my unequivocal recommendation for anyone requiring the services of this highly effective and results-driven company."

Tony Mitchell, Executive Chairman

Ram Power (

"Bud Little and SFL3 provided interim CFO services to Ram Power for 1-1/2 years while I was CEO. He successfully completed two audits and numerous public filings, improved financial and operational systems and controls, and substantially reduced the company's tax liability, along with many other important contributions. I would strongly recommend Bud and SFL3 to anyone seeking high quality CFO and IT services."

Shuman Moore, CEO

Ram Power (

"Bud Little and SFL3 provided interim CFO services to Network FOB for more than a year. During that time, Mr. Little successfully led Network FOB through its first two annual audits, implemented substantially improved financing, cash management and insurance arrangements, revamped the company's financial reporting process and related procedures, and effectively supported strategic, organizational and financial planning and analysis. I would definitely recommend Bud Little and SFL3 to anyone seeking high quality interim CFO services."

Tim Taylor, President & Owner

Network FOB

"Bud and I collaborated on the development of financial projections for an internet startup. Bud's skills and experience were invaluable in helping us to better understand the financial implications of related growth and financing plans. I strongly recommend Bud Little and SFL3 to anyone seeking high quality CFO services."

Stan Berk, Owner

JBRG Consulting (

"I worked with Bud while I was performing an interim CEO role and he was performing the interim CFO role at a public company in transition. Bud performed a comprehensive and quick study of all the issues that needed to be addressed and built a solid action plan to achieve the tasks necessary. That thoroughness remained as he developed a working relationship with all the key employees and company advisors, despite an enormous workload. He would not accept glib answers and required solid evidence from everyone to clarify and validate all transactions. Probably most significant was the way in which Bud engaged each person and made them responsible for their portion of the plan. This held them accountable for accuracy while giving himself (and the CEO) some level of assurance that what was being reported was real and true. I thoroughly recommend Bud to anyone who needs to have tight control of their company administrative, legal and financial processes while supporting an aggressive growth strategy."

Martin Hedley, Interim CEO

Genesis Fluid Solutions Holdings 

"I had a chance to meet Bud and discuss a deal we were involved in on an international business. I found him to be very professional, knowledgeable and have high integrity. I will recommend him to any company that is looking for getting their money's worth."

M. Saeed Rahman, CEO


"SFL3 connected us with a consultant to provide workers' compensation insurance reserve validation services to our company. The related services delivered by the consultant recommended by Bud Little and SFL3 met our expectations and were an excellent value. I am pleased to recommend Bud Little and SFL3 to anyone seeking high quality CFO, IT and HR services."

Ethan Margalith, CEO & Owner

Starving Students Movers (

"Bud Little who runs SFL3 provided services to evaluate alternative financial systems for ThreatMetrix in 2009. The related services delivered by Bud and SFL3 were performed to the highest standards and an excellent value. I would highly recommend Bud and SFL3 to anyone seeking high quality CFO, IT or HR services. Bud is easy to work with, delivers professional results on time."

Reed Taussig, President & CEO

ThreatMetrix (

"We worked with Bud Little to evaluate a number of potential acquisition and financing scenarios. Bud's work was consistently timely, accurate and relevant. We would certainly encourage anyone looking for high quality CFO services to engage Bud Little and SFL3."

Jeff Cohen, President & CEO

Reliant Security (

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