Bridging the Gap

Between Resources and Results


At SFL3, we focus on helping companies in transition.  We help high growth companies improve operations, information, systems and controls, and deliver incisive planning, analysis and reporting.  We also help businesses navigate through difficult times with expertise to optimally deploy resources and rebuild operations.

SFL3 delivers world-class strategic, financial, technology and human capital services. Our professionals have decades of hands-on experience with middle-market to multi-billion-dollar companies.

We serve clients throughout the US and internationally in multiple industries, from Energy, Manufacturing, Technology and Transportation & Logistics to Staffing, Environmental Services, Industrial Services, Consumer Products and other sectors. We have delivered:

  • Strong multinational executive leadership

  • Development of new customers and channels of distribution

  • Completion of acquisitions and post-acquisition integration

  • Tight cash management and improved financing arrangements

  • Incisive strategic, organizational and financial planning, analysis and reporting

  • Timely, accurate NASD SEC US GAAP and Canadian TSX IFRS filings and compliance

  • Mission critical, multinational systems, processes and controls

  • Multi-million-dollar reductions in costs and tax liabilities​​​​​

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